Had an awesome day out with some great company yesterday! Met up with the Thingelstad’s and went for a nice walk around Lake Harriet. Super weird going for that long of a walk this time of year with just a shirt and jeans but with the temps in the 60’s you gotta take advantage of it! @tthing asked me about memes and that sparked a discussion about the origin of the word meme from Richard Dawkins - The Selfish Gene. @jthingelstad did a much better job explaining the core ideology of the book than I can regurgitate back to you guys now but the topics covered definitely scratched an itch of the deep thinker inside of me so I think I better check it out. Thought I almost hurt myself after running with Tyler and Mazie. They said they were going to run ahead but I didn’t know running ahead was going to mean a full-blown sprint. My calves were not ready for that 0 to 100 😂. I would say must be nice to be young still but I don’t think I’m old enough to be allowed to say that.

After a bit, we sat down in the living room where I pet dinosaurs, watched pod racing while sitting on Tatooine, played mini golf on the coffee table, and studied the Mars rover. I understand this is a pretty farfetched but this all happened while wearing the Apple Vision Pro! Jamie ran me through various demos and I gotta say this is one of the coolest pieces of tech I’ve ever had the opportunity to use. Looking forward to how this will revolutionize the wearable tech world. Excited to see Apple build on this and improve it as well as competitors getting involved.

Joined the Thingelstad’s for a delicious dinner at Pajarito’s in Edina. We enjoyed tacos, queso fundido, brussel sprouts, and of course, don’t forget the chips and salsa. The brussel sprouts were super good! After dinner, they were off to see Dune Part Two. Jamie spoke of his love for the series over dinner so he was really looking forward to it. Go check out his blog post at thingelstad.com on his thoughts after seeing it!

Met up with some friends from college afterward to celebrate Chells birthday! We went bowling at Memory Lanes near downtown. Had a ton of fun catching up over a couple beers and throwing a bowling ball. It had been a while since the last time I went bowling so it took a while to de rust but it was a good time had by all.