Completed Projects

Deployed at:
Recreating Snake in JavaScript using PIXIjs.

Deployed at:
Pokedex app developed using the PokiAPI.

Incomplete Projects

Cooking Without The Bullshit
The worst thing about finding a recipe online is having to scroll through an essay about why the author loves this recipe and a billion ads. The goal of this site is to offer recipe storage that is simple and straight to the point. Currently in development with the project hosted on Vercel.

Django Web API
A lot of side project ideas have been lost due to wanting a backend API to hit that is connected to a database. This app aims to provide that to whatever app I am currently developing. Currently developing the API endpoints for the aforementioned Cooking Without The Bullshit app.

Simple Piano DAW
The idea is to have a piano that you can click keys on and then a score that you can drop these notes onto and replay back the loop.