Looking to be a part of a thriving community of peers that continue to push and challenge me in different ways so that I can grow as an individual and become a more effective team member. I have interests in both frontend and backend development. Ultimately I would like to hone my skills as a developer to transition toward leadership roles. I am also interested in pursuing certifications in my free time if my employer permits.


Full Stack Developer
Sights On Service Inc. | Golden Valley, MN
Dec 2021 - Present
Developer responsibilities involve maintaining, fixing, and building new features for the company’s platform Secret Shopper. Development tasks involve full-stack solutions, working from the database level all the way to the front-end UI and back. Codebase consists of an Angular front-end with a C# .net Core back-end paired with an Azure deployed SQL database. Github is used to facilitate version control as well as track and review coding tasks. There is constant collaboration with other internal departments to discuss and build new features to further assist in their day-to-day tasks as well as improve end-user experience.


  • Built a solution to allow per-client instructional documents to be built and edited on the employee app so they may be viewed on the end-user app. This improved consistency between client documents as well as the ease and speed at which instructions can be updated.
  • Created a tool for developers to track background workers and tasks so they can be monitored and optimized if running longer than expected. Used tool to find abnormally long-running tasks and updated them to run upwards of 50% faster.
  • Appointed lead of video production for client and end-user training videos to improve user understanding of the platform. Based on gathered video analytics this will help reduce the number of support communications related to basic site features.

Software Engineer Intern (Post-Graduation)
WEX Health | Fargo, ND
Jan 2020 - Nov 2021
The intern position moved to full-time hours. The entry-level job market in Fargo, ND was sparse, and with the onset of COVID-19, I found it difficult to advance my career. I used this time to sharpen my skills and become proficient in collaborating with a team while remote. Thanks to Wex I was able to financially survive during the pandemic and eventually penetrate the Twin Cities job market.


  • Gained skills working with those remotely due to newly enforced work-from-home policies.
  • Maintained platform by completing assigned tasks involving bugs and writing the occasional unit test for existing controllers.
  • Assisted in the transition from ASP.net web forms to .net core razor pages.

Software Engineer Intern
WEX Health | Fargo, ND
Nov 2018 - Dec 2019
The intern position was offered to student applicants, picking which team the applicant would most like to work for. Team tasks were ever-changing and covered a large variety of different topics. Companies' platform consisted of a healthcare-focused financial portal. Coding tasks were primarily done in C# with some SQL database. Version control was facilitated by Team Foundation Server and was later sunsetted by a git-based solution. Worked closely with teams QA’s and site designers to build pages to spec.


  • Created a tool to facilitate the uploading and editing of images in a cloud-based bucket storage system. Tool improved team efficiency when resolving tickets involving issues related to images stored this way.
  • Assisted in the building of a customization feature that allows clients to define a custom design for their portal. This feature is a big driving factor for our solution. Allows clients to make their portal more personal to the company.


North Dakota State University | Fargo, ND
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
Fall 2015 - Fall 2019

President, VP of Academic Excellence, and Member
Delta Upsilon
Fall 2015 - Present
I was initiated into the North Dakota State Chapter of Delta Upsilon during my time at NDSU. I excelled in helping my brothers improve their character and academically excel. I have continued to maintain long-lasting friendships with those of the fraternity and am grateful for my time with the organization during college.

Secretary and Treasurer
Interfraternity Council (IFC)
2017 Fiscal Year
Appointed Secretary and Treasurer of the North Dakota State Universities Interfraternity Council while active in Delta Upsilon. Duties involved maintaining council communications with campus fraternities and overseeing decisions involving council finances and budget. This allowed me to further improve my leadership and communication skills.