Killing two birds with one stone this evening. I’ve wanted to look into other frameworks that can easily implement web API’s and learn Python. Django! That is the answer! So far I’ve worked through the first two tutorials and I have to say I’m really enjoying it. I feel like the last two years of experience I have accrued working with Restful API’s makes Django feel really easy to pick up. Don’t really know what my end goal is but a lot of roadblocks to ideas I’ve had is not knowing what to use to set up a back end of sorts to handle requests and interact with a database. Oh and did I mention that it is already preconfigured to use SQLite! So no need to worry about the database aspect either. Going to keep working through the tutorials and see if I can think of some ideas for apps to utilize this project. Would probably be a good thing for me to work through handling user logins and dealing with auth tokens.